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Wheelchair with a houseWe have knowledge of and how to access, refer to, and inform persons with disabilities and older adults on:

  • Housing choice vouchers
  • Section 811 PRA
  • Mainstream/Non-Elderly Disabled (NED) vouchers
  • Project-Based Operating Assistance
  • Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (HOME and NHT) 20% Units (LIHTC deeply affordable/accessible units)
  • Fair housing
  • Reasonable accommodations
  • Homeownership programs
  • USDA rural housing services, loans, and grants
  • Local and regional housing providers, housing resources, and organizations serving persons with disabilities and older adults
  • Privately financed housing opportunities and any other project-based subsidies, local-state-federal housing initiatives as they are available
  • Discharge processes from various institutional and residential settings
  • Home Modifications funded through the Department, PHFA, and DCED
  • Olmstead requirements
  • Housing First
  • Trained in Prepared Renters Program (PREP) training for agencies

We have the ability to use as a resource for individuals:

Housing and Disabilities

Whether you’re new to the housing world, you are struggling with housing, or you’ve been in this field for a while, we can help you. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Addressing a Housing Crisis: How to work through a housing crisis
  • Assistance Animals: Discusses assistance animals, emotional support animals, reasonable accommodations, and more
  • Eviction Prevention and Processes: Review the eviction process while giving helpful tips to prevent evictions or postpone evictions
  • Home Modifications: Teaches about reasonable modifications, how they are utilized, and how/who funds them
  • Housing Choice Vouchers Explained: An overview of how vouchers work and how you can apply
  • Navigating Income-Based Housing Options: Goes over general housing information and definitions, income-based housing types, and applying and appealing processes
  • Prepared Renter Education Program (PREP): Provides a guide through the renting process from beginning to end
  • Tenants’ Rights: Fair Housing and Beyond: We cover information on tenant protections in PA- including habitability, safety, privacy, and much more
  • 811 Project Rental Assistance Overview: Teaches about the 811 PRA program and how individuals can get involved.